About the SmartEnCity Network

Let’s act and learn while others just talk

Climate change is one of the most important challenges that our society is facing. Europe has ambitious goals for energy efficiency and renewable energy supply. Cities can turn the climate challenge into an opportunity and create growth.

Many small and medium-sized cities across Europe have already developed a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). The SmartEnCity Network will help inspire and support these cities take specific actions to successful implementation.

The SmartEnCity Network will work to enable committed cities to become smarter and more energy efficient based on an integrated approach for mobility, energy and ICT infrastructure.

We share our efforts, knowledge and best practices and believe in open innovation and co-creation.

The SmartEnCity Network consists of small and medium-sized European cities committed to developing and implementing new smart zero carbon solutions before 2020. All Network members are willing to share their efforts and best practice experiences with each other, derived from concrete actions.

Sharing to avoid failed investments

In the future, cities, citizens and companies will make huge investments in energy retrofit, new clean energy and green mobility infrastructures – strong policies, a robust Integrated Urban Plan and our Replication Toolkit will help the cities avoid potential waste of money and time.

Europe has many small and medium sized cities, which can and should establish ambitious policies, initiate actions and engage citizens and local networks even better than the capital cities, which usually are in the spotlight.