30 Jan 2017

Sonderborg is going ahead with e-mobility

In January 2017, another electrical vehicle had a data logger installed . This data logger allows to collect technical data from the car and its performance. On the basis of these results it is possible to analyse trends and observe patterns in connection with the use of these e-cars and their drivers . In Sonderborg, there are currently five cars equipped with data loggers, and the more data are collected from e-cars in operation, the better analyses can be made. In return, the owners of these cars have received intelligent chargers as part of the smart mobility tasks in the SmartEnCity project.

18 Jan 2017

Progress in the Lighthouse City Sonderborg

SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Sonderborg has carried out a bundle of activities during the second six month period: As a first milestone, the city diagnosis about the current state was finalised in order to have a baseline for future comparisons at the end of the SmartEnCity project life. Getting practical: The residents of the 88 apartments of the housing association SOBO are celebrating the completion of the first round of retrofittings...

18 Jan 2017

Progress in the Lighthouse City Tartu

During the last months, technical issues were in the focus of the activities within the lighthouse city of Tartu. But apart from this two highlights directed at the Tartu’s citizens have taken place: Tartu arranged a very successful art competition and launched a lecture series in cooperation with the University of Tartu...

16 Dec 2016

SmartEnCity Network presents first webinar on Dec 16th: Strategic Energy Planning in countries and cities

Today many cities are lowering their carbon emissions. This is by adding more renewable energy, improving energy efficiency and saving energy. Many cities are in the early stages of this transition. This webinar presents an approach that cities can use in their transition to becoming a smart low carbon city. A case example from Denmark is used to illustrate some of the action that is happening in this area and share specific experiences from that country.