ACCIONA Infrastructure
ACCIONA Infraestructuras

Acciona Infraestructuras (part of ACCIONA Group) is a leading European construction company designing, constructing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under sustainability principles with presence in more than 30 countries and with a total turnover of 3,336m€ in 2015. Particularly, it has its own R&D Technological Centre in Madrid,?composed by a multidisciplinary and international team of about 150 highly qualified researchers, 14 laboratories and 2 production workshops. Main research areas are  new Construction Materials, Sustainable Products and Systems, ICT and Virtual Reality & Simulation, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Technologies.

The Company plays an active role in the European Construction Technology Platform being part of its Executive Committee, is a member of ENCORD (European Network of construction companies for Research and Development), FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation), and it is a founding member of Building Smart Spanish Chapter (BSSC) and others ETPs construction / materials related.

Acciona Infraestructuras has a wide experience in R&D projects at national and European level. Particularly, related to SmartEnCity field, it participates in the FP7 projects R2CTITIES, CITYFIED and in REMOURBAN project (Horizon 2020).

Role in the project

Its main role in the project is developing business models, innovative management process for district´s transformation and strategies for integrated urban planning (WP2) and mapping them to the Vitoria- Gasteiz LH project (WP3).