CARTIF is a horizontal research centre which covers a wide range of scientific disciplines.

This characteristic, which makes the centre to stand out from other technology centres of a more vertical specialized nature, enables CARTIF to provide companies with integral solutions.

CARTIF's interdisciplinary teams work in five areas of knowledge that correspond to different economic and technological sectors: energy and environment, construction and infrastructures, industry, agrofood and health.

The centre maintains the same values and objectives with which it was incorporated in 1994. Its priority is placed on contributing to the development of its social and economic environment through the use and encouragement of technological innovation via the development and diffusion of research.

Role in the project

As WP7 leader, our main role in the project is the coordination of monitoring and evaluation activities. Additionally, CARTIF will collaborate in the development of strategies and plans for the identification of optimal options for the transformation of European Cities into Smart Cities as well as in the deployment of specific infrastructure for the City Information Open Platform and support the sustainable mobility issues in the three LH cities.