Sønderborg Forsyning (SONF)

Sønderborg Forsyning is the utility company for Sonderborg Municipality, with approximately 140 employees. We work in the areas of water, waste water, garbage collection and recycling, and district heat in a few smaller areas. We strive for continuous improvement and increased efficiency within all of our endeavors. We take a proactive approach and every year we educate children and youth of all ages in handling garbage in their homes, how and why recycling works, the processes of treating waste water and ensuring high drinking water quality.

Role in the project

Sønderborg Forsyning is the leader of WP 5 in which the task of coordinating the work of the Danish project partners lies. WP 5 will see the implementation of a new heat pump technology, increase the number of electrical vehicles and chargers, systematic citizen participation and an ICT platform and retrofitting of 45 apartment buildings covering 880 apartments including the installation of PVs.