Aalborg University
Aalborg Universitet

The Sustainable Energy Planning Research Group at Aalborg University, Denmark works with an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable energy planning. The subject of study is energy planning in general and focus is on technical and geographical aspects, such as energy system analysis, and economic and institutional aspects, such as feasibility studies and public regulation seen in the light of technological change. Our research highlights the need for strategic energy planning from a city level to a national and international level. Case studies on large-scale renewable energy implementation show how it is key to understand local barriers and technological obstacles on a city level. 

Role in the project

The AAU Group will be involved in developing the replication toolkit and framework for replication to the rest of the lighthouse city districts, in the follower cities and through the Smart Cities Network. The Group will help develop the future oriented Integrated Urban Plans (IUPs) developed through the Replication Roadmap. In the replication plans the relevant tools will be identified and discussed, in order to use them during the implementation of replication and scaling-up plans. This will be based on the Group’s previous experience and new research in SmartEnCity.

The AAU Group will also be involved in the exploitation and market deployment strategy where the group will help define business cases and business models in the roadmap of exploitable products, services and process from SmartEnCity. This will be based on previous research and new research in SmartEnCity.