Tartu Regional Energy Agency
Tartu Regiooni Energiaagentuur

Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) is providing an independent energy advocacy for the region. Focus fields are energy efficiency and Renewable energy sources. Main target groups are energy end users like, community members, households, Local authorities and SMEs Agency supports local stakeholders with independent and objective advice about local energy management.

Agency has conducted Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAPs) and CO2 Baseline inventory for cities. Energy Performance certificates for public sector buildings of City of Tartu . Base study of energy consumption and inside climate in  public sector buildings, Baseline study of energy consumption, production and renewable resources of  V├Áru County and Sustainable Energy Actin Plan of Heat energy for several municipalities.. TREA composed the Biomass Action Plan for South- Estonia. TREA has international cooperation experiences  in Interreg programs, Intelligent Energy Europe and H2020 programs projects focused on EE and RES. At the moment TREA is leading one and is partner in three Horizon 2020 project, also partner in two Intrreg projects 

Role in the project

TREA srole is to provide technical knowledge in field of energy efficiency. Our task is to support city of Tartu and building owners for retrofitting of buildings. Make baseline study for City of Tartu and pilot area. Provide after retrofitting monitoring of buildings and city development