Cityntel is a startup company from Estonia developing revolutionary new  IoT solutions for Smart Cities. In next generation IoT "things" are not just connected to the internet but can communicate with each other, share the information gathered, process received information and make decisions and perform actions. All without the need for data processing in the higher level. 

With such an architecture, we can build ambient computing systems which do not need human intervention as devices around us perform actions automatically according to actual situation. 

First practical solution out from it is true Smart Street Light control where street lights have wireless controllers installed which can collect data from multiple sensors in the area and adjust street light brightness based on actual number of people on the street, traffic flow level and weather conditions.

Role in the project

Cityntel will install Smart Street light control for new LED street lights in the project area consisting human density, traffic flow and weather sensors. With this we can expect electricity savings up to 80%. There will be also installed environmental sensors like pollution, noise, temperatuer etc in the area which are using using wireless mesh network deployed within the street lights.