Sofia Energy Centre (SEC)

SEC is a Bulgarian consultancy organisation specialised in energy efficiency and renewable energy project consultations, information dissemination and promotion of the benefits of new innovative energy technologies in the field of energy efficient building refurbishment, energy production from RES, in particular solar thermal and PV, biomass, wind and small hydro. Energy policy formulation and strategy development are also among the core activities of Sofia Energy Centre

SEC has directed significant part of its activities towards assisting local authorities in their sustainability planning as well as in project identification and implementation for achieving local targets in sustainable development. A holistic approach has been used in these activities combining economic development targets, energy potential and priorities, urban planning, infrastructure development, political and social issues. In the course of Sustainable Energy Action Plans development different critical aspects have been assessed such as gaining local political support, baseline emissions inventory, sustainable energy project identification and securing financing for local sustainable energy actions from various local, national and international sources, economic feasibility assessments, promotion of public- private partnership, ESCO schemes, etc. SEC has also consulted local authorities in green public procurement issues. 

Role in the project

Based on its experience in collaboration with local authorities for sustainable planning and project implementation, SEC will participate as a consultancy body to Asenovgrad Municipality, contributing to its efforts to adopt and integrate in its strategic plans the policies and best practices identified in the lighthouse cities and being suitable for the local Asenovgrad conditions. SEC is committed to assist Asenovgrad in the development of its replication plan as a follower city and in the elaboration of an “Integrated Urban Plan” document foreseen in WP8.