RINA Consulting S.p.A.

RINA Consulting (RINA-C) is a global corporation, a repository of skills and expertise delivering benefits, consulting & engineering services, to industries all over the world: our mission is to support their growth by setting up relations as a real partnership.

For us, partnership means getting rid of anything that could separate our work from the client’s goals. It means acting together for the same ends and guided by the same motivations. It means investing in teamwork by highly qualified resources, that we develop with training and refresher courses running to about 155.000 hours a year, in the full knowledge that personal and professional growth are our strength.

The companies in our Group operate in five Business areas, proposing innovation, environment and sustainability-based solutions: Marine, Energy, Business Assurance, Transport and Infrastructures, IFIs Banks and Investors. Our services are set up to multiply the potential of our partners, to make organizations more competitive in their markets of reference and to ensure that they operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible across every stage of their business activity.

Role in the project

RINA-C provides technical support to the City of Lecce in a series of activities to define the replication plan as follower city, setting up a process for IEP and Roadmap development in line with Project Objectives. RINA-C collaborates with Lecce in analyzing and studying the experience of the Lighthouse cities in IEP Process development, together with methodological framework, considering as a reference also other European Smart Plans examples. RINA-C is involved in the organization of the action plan of the future activities identifying the local conditions (socio economic, business environment, financing and urban capabilities, urban environment), and comparing the actual situation with the actions planned in the energy urban plans already in force and in the other related documents. RINA-C supports Lecce in the collection and analysis of all the data needed to obtain a precise city characterization, as well as, a map of the current smart city and urban development trends, in order to jointly work with the information to result in the smart city roadmap and IEP for the city, using participative foresight methods. RINA-C represents also the focus contact point for the Italian part of the SEC Network, recruiting cities that join the network and supporting them in preparation of the documents related to the replication of the project solutions.