MONDRAGON Corporation
Corporación MONDRAGON

People, cooperation and competitiveness. MONDRAGON is one of the largest business groups in Spain. In 2015, the group’s revenues totalled about €11,300 million, while its staff comprised 74,335 workers. The 260 companies and cooperatives in the MONDRAGON Group operate in such sectors as the manufacturing industry, finance, and retail, carrying out initiatives in the fields of knowledge, innovation, education and the promotion of new businesses.

Global presence. MONDRAGON has more than 11,000 people working abroad in 9 delegations and 128 production subsidiaries.
The group’s innovative drive is channelled into 15 technology centres and into the cooperatives themselves, participating in research and technology development projects at the national and international level.

Humanity at work. The MONDRAGON cooperative model encourages people’s participation and involvement with company management, as well as profit sharing and company ownership. The focus on people, cooperation and inter-cooperative solidarity is captured in the group’s slogan, ‘Humanity at work’

Role in the project

MONDRAGON’s main role is coordinating the definition of the SmartEnCity strategies for urban regeneration. As a complement to this role, it will collaborate in the definition of the smart cities scenarios and their impact in the integrated urban plans. It will also contribute to develop the CIOP platform and its deployment in the Vitoria-Gasteiz LH project (WP3). In relation with this role, it will develop the HEMS/BEMS/DEMS for the Vitoria-Gasteiz LH project and integrate it in the project monitoring and evaluation methodology. Additionally, it will contribute to define the commercial exploitation of the SmartEnCity methodology for urban regeneration strategy and the ICT platform.