Fagor Ederlan Group
Fagor Ederlan Taldea

We are a leading supplier of complete solutions for the automotive industry, specializing in Chassis and Powertrain applications. 

We are not only a casting or machining supplier, we are experts in the complete product value chain, consequently we offer the best product solutions in different technologies and materials.

Being an industrial cooperative, we are part of Mondragon Group, the biggest cooperative group worldwide. As a cooperative enterprise, we are different, commitment is the core value of our company.

Ederlan is owner of Edermobility Services, a new Start Up that design and prototype business models around EV’s.

Role in the project

The main role in the project will be the deployment of the mobility business solutions in Vitoria-Gasteiz. i.e.: Car Charing, Last mile logistics, Tourist routes, e-retail delivery…