ACEDE / H-ENEA living lab

ACEDE is the Home Cluster in the Basque Country. Since its focus change, now 4 years ago, ACEDE decided to create H-Enea, a Living Lab oriented to people in their homes. The idea behind was to be a unique and useful tool to research on the real needs that persons have in their homes, real decision making sites for all the important life related topics. A competent and multidisciplinary team complements an innovation perspective from different perspective angles: social sciences, engineering and applied innovation. Understanding the continuum from the companies to the user. In these years more than 150 participatory sessions have been designed and developed (user tests, service and product concept developing, strategic workshops). 

Role in the project

Related to WP2.1 (1) Project context understanding (multi stakeholder project), (2) best practices research and identification (3) citizen engagement strategy design, alignment and development of recommendations. Each city has its on context and characteristics, the challenge is to find different ways the 3 cities to learn from each other. The process description may be useful for replication. Related to WP3.2 The first main goal is to create (at the beginning of the project where everything is more conceptual) a simple story with touch-points the citizens can understand and engage in. Once the offer to the citizens is well defined (refurbish contract, product characteristics, prices, financing, energy service contracts, others) the goal is to create an engagement based on private collective commercialisation processes. The process description may be useful for replication.