The SmartEnCity Replication Toolkit

Replication is a crucial element of the SmartEnCity project. The aim of replication is the knowledge transfer from the experience gained and lessons learned during the project to other cities. The SmartEnCity replication toolkit provides practical help for cities to successfully implement similar activities or measures in other contexts.

If your city or institution is interested in moving towards a zero-carbon future and to really learn from and replicate the SmartEnCity journey, then join our efforts and:

  • Learn from and follow the progress of the Lighthouse solutions – The pilot activities that will be implemented in the three Lighthouse Cities are still in their planning and designing phase. In order to keep track of the progress and learn from the details, follow the SmartEnCity website news and solution descriptions. An online self-service platform offers tailor made support for sharing smart city solutions and best practices. The final learnings of the Lighthouse City solutions and specific implementation advice will be included in the updated and improved second version of the toolkit, released in mid-2021 once the project activities have been completed.
  • Take the SmartEnCity integrated approach as an example – The SmartEnCity replication toolkit outlines the SmartEnCity integrated approach and gives strategic and methodological advice on how a city could start its own integrated urban planning process while cooperating with various stakeholders. As these insights and guidelines are introductory, SmartEnCity deliverables need to be consulted for more specific information on how to build up a smart city project (e.g. conducting baseline studies, selecting the most suitable business models, planning citizen engagement etc.). Remember that local conditions are crucial in succeeding! 
  • Use replication tools and boost your replication readiness – The SmartEnCity replication toolkit outlines the main replication tools (see figure below) used in SmartEnCity to increase the smart city awareness and planning skills of other interested cities. The main replication channel is the SmartEnCity Network that brings together small and medium-sized European cities with zero-carbon ambition and shares first-hand knowledge about implementing smart city measures. Join the Network to benefit from the SmartEnCity replication toolkit even more, e.g. by having a chance to follow the SmartEnCity team on study visits and getting practical support from SmartEnCity experts such as through the review of your own integrated urban plan!


The Channels of Replication

The Replication Toolkit outlines the strategy, guidelines and tools to support replication. The main channels of replication are the SmartEnCity Network that brings together like-minded small and medium-sized cities, the SmartEnCity Network online platform that offers best practices and learnings, and the SmartEnCity website itself, including smart solutions, SmartEnCity related news, deliverables, publications etc. 

Besides strategic considerations, the SmartEnCity replication toolkit offers smart city planning and implementation guidelines (see figure below; more information available in deliverable 2.7) and a replication checklist to start off the replication process and move towards the Smart Zero CO2 vision (more information available in deliverable 8.2).

The Benefits of Replication 

Replication in SmartEnCity is targeted at three main target groups – the SmartEnCity Follower Cities, the SmartEnCity Network and other interested cities and supporting institutions. Depending on each group’s commitment to the Smart Zero CO2 journey, the benefits are manifold:

Rather than offering ready-made solutions and plans, the SmartEnCity project seeks to provide guidance and advice for planning and implementing similar integrated smart city approaches and solutions. Summarising the benefits, SmartEnCity…

  • Brings together small and medium-sized European cities which are interested in planning and implementing their own Integrated Urban Plans (IUPs) under the umbrella of the SmartEnCity Network;
  • Provides advice and guidance to SmartEnCity Follower and Network Cities based on the Lighthouse Cities demo activities, experiences and lessons learned (through e.g. capacity-building workshops, study visits and IUP reviews); 
  • Enables access to SmartEnCity project results and content through various replication tools, e.g. webinars, publications and deliverables; 
  • Raises awareness of integrated urban planning and the vision of Smart Zero CO2 cities across Europe. 

The SmartEnCity Strategy

The concepts of Smart Zero CO2 city and integrated urban planning form the baseline of the SmartEnCity strategy. This means that through their demonstration and replication activities, the project partners promote and strive for smart cities that run entirely on renewable energy and have zero CO2 emissions on an annual basis. “Integrated urban planning” indicates that SmartEnCity does not only focus on individual smart solutions, but on the way these solutions can be combined to maximize impact. Within the SmartEnCity project, the integrated urban planning approach is mainly reflected in the Integrated Urban Plans (IUPs) and Replication Roadmaps that the Lighthouse and Follower Cities will prepare and constantly improve in order to encourage the member cities of the SmartEnCity Network to follow suit.