SmartEnCity Solutions

Solutions in Vitoria-Gasteiz:

  • Vitoria-Gasteiz retrofitting package
    As one of the city’s most vulnerable neighborhood, the Coronación district will see a considerable number of residential buildings fully renovated, including their facades, insulation, windows and doors.
  • Urban management system
    The city platform developed in Vitoria-Gasteiz integrates all the existing ICT systems and enables to monitor the use of energy in the retrofitted buildings as well as to provide feedback to and get feedback from the citizens.  
  •  Biomass district heating system
    In addition to the retrofitting activities, a biomass heating network will be deployed in Vitoria-Gasteiz, leading to better energy prices, lower maintenance and operation costs and improved safety

Solutions in Tartu:

  • Tartu retrofitting package
    The main idea of retrofitting activities in Tartu is to turn the Soviet-time “khrushchyovkas” into “smartovkas” buildings that offer an energy-efficient and high-quality living environment to the pilot area residents. 
  • District cooling system that uses residual heat
    The new district cooling system that will be installed in Tartu’s pilot area buildings involves a heat pump that produces heat for the district heating system by using residual heat from cooling.
  • Reusing old EV batteries
    Tartu has quite a large electric taxi fleet and seeks to repurpose these EV batteries by developing an energy storage solution that allows to partially recharge electric taxis with renewable energy that is produced on-site with PV panels.
  •  Public bike sharing system
    As an additional mobility solution that the City of Tartu will fund itself, an electric bike sharing system will be set up, including 65 parking locations spanning across the entire city for maximum use and comfort. 
  • Gas buses in the whole city
    The City of Tartu will purchase 60 brand new biogas buses to serve the public transportation network – this is a step towards the goal of making public transportation 100% based on gas in Tartu. 
  • Smart home solution
    In addition to the retrofitting package that will see Tartu’s pilot area buildings fully renovated, the apartments will be supplied with a smart home system that connects to the Cumulocity cloud platform and enables data exchange and monitoring.
  • LED lights with smart controllers
    A smart street light control system that is based on a wireless mesh technology will be installed in more than 300 new LED street lights in Tartu, including a number of detectors and sensors.          
  • Technical consultations and community meetings
    For the retrofitting activities to succeed in Tartu, the respective housing associations need to be engaged and supported throughout the planning and implementation process – for this, several consultation measures are used. 
  • Art solutions for pilot area buildings
    In addition to the full renovation of the pilot area buildings, the City of Tartu organised an international art competition for finding artists who will create unique artworks for the pilot building facades.     
  • Social innovation experiments
    A number of social innovation models will be experimented with in Tartu in order to facilitate behavioral change and mutual learning among the residents of the pilot area and Tartu as a whole.

Solutions in Sonderborg:

  • New biogas buses and biogas filling stations  
    As a zero-carbon mobility solution, a considerable number of new energy-efficient biogas-fueled buses will be deployed in Sonderborg, while each of the buses can carry bikes on board for a combined trip. 

  •  Citizen engagement program
    As part of Sonderborg’s official strategy to become a zero-carbon emission community by 2029, a citizen engagement program has been developed for involving local housing associations in retrofitting activities.
  • Intelligent EV chargers
    The new intelligent rechargers that will be installed in Sonderborg’s private homes, companies as well as public locations are remote controlled to ensure that EVs are charged when electricity prices are the lowest.
  • Mobility campaigns
    While the municipality invests in solid infrastructure, the people of Sonderborg are motivated to use greener modes of transport through dedicated mobility campaigns, including elements like biking, driving e-cars and using public transportation.
  • Sonderborg retrofitting package
    In Sonderborg, a total of 7 social housing departments will be fully retrofitted to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor climate and support Sonderborg in becoming a carbon-neutral city in 2029.