Upcoming events

24. June 2021, 14:00 - 15:00 Uhr

Smart City Talks - Mobility, Energy & ICT - ICT Solutions

Mobility – Energy – ICT: The activities carried out within the mySMARTLife project aim at the transition of EU cities towards a new concept of Smart Life and Economy. Take part in the webinar series and learn more about the project’s exploitable results as well as the specific solutions presented in the European smart city projects MAKING-CITY, POCITYF, MatchUP and STARDUST. 

01. July 2021 - 02. July 2021 • Online Event

Save the date: SmarterTogether final event & SCALE event combined

This global event will comprise of the Smarter Together final event, the 2016 sisterprojects – Replicate, SharingCities and SmartEnCity– new beginning as well as an event presenting the activities of the SCALE Secretariat.

Together with its sister projects Smarter Together, Replicate and Sharing Cities, SmartEnCity will present a joint paper highlighting the results of the projects and giving recommendations to future cities following the smart zero carbon transition journey on day 2 of the event. SmartEnCity is also presenting citizen engagement strategies during the SmartEnCity Studion on the same day .

28. September 2021 - 29. September 2021 • Online Event

Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference

This 2-day international event is taking place online and will give an overview of the current state of the art measures to achieve climate neutrality, closely linked to the results of SmartEnCity project. The 2nd day will be a virtual tour to our SmartEnCity demo sites Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tartu and Sonderborg. Do not miss your chance, registration is open!