Urban sharing platforms with Sharing Cities


Join this webinar to learn more about the work Sharing Cities has done to implement Urban Sharing Platforms.

Since 2016, the lighthouse cities of Lisbon, London and Milan have implemented several smart city measures in the framework of the project Sharing Cities. Based on that knowledge and technical experience, Sharing Cities is launching a series of short webinars to explore each of those measures one by one: digital social market, e-bikes, building retrofit, sustainable energy management system, smart lampposts, e-mobility, and urban sharing platform. Each measure is also supported by a smart booklet and playbook which go into greater detail on how to replicate and scale-up in your city.

This time: What is an USP?

A USP is a data platform which integrates a range of data from different sources, such as smart lampposts, smart energy meters and mobility sharing services. A USP collects and processes raw data to create smart data which create new insights and information for cities. These can be used to make informed declensions enabling cities to allocate resources more efficiently and improve quality of life for citizens. A USP helps to build an integrated smart city by digitally integrating a wide range of Information and Communication Technology solutions in urban areas.

When? Tue, 17 November 2020, 11:00 - 12:30

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