02.06.2021 - 04.06.2021 • Brno • Event • Brno Exhibition Centre, Brno, Czech Republic and online

The URBIS SMART CITY FAIR is an annual international trade fair, creating a unique space for sharing ideas and practical designs on how to bring to life and develop the concept of a smart city in central European towns and villages. This year, it will focus on solutions for cities and municipalities for a smart transport infrastructure for greater safety.

URBIS SMART CITY FAIR is primarily a presentation of smart solutions for municipalities and cities. The organizers expect over 1000 representatives of cities and municipalities and about 100 exhibitors, mainly from the areas of equipment and services for the administration of municipalities and cities.

The URBIS SMART CITY fair 2021 fair of smart solutions for municipalities and cities will take place at the Brno Exhibition Center from 2 to 4 June. It also includes an extensive conference program. The last day of the fair will take place in the form of an excursion to city companies. This year´s fair will also showcase cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) technologies - the results of the C-Roads project.

URBIS is being prepared in two formats:

The individual speakers´ contributions are conveniently scheduled so that those interested in a specific topic can comfortably follow all the topics. Take a look at the first version of the program.

 » hybrid: the event will take place at the exhibition center and it will be possible to participate remotely,

 » online: only if it will not be possible to make a hybrid version.

Basic topics of the URBIS 2021 conference

Urbis Mobility

What is in store for us in the field of autonomous transport, cooperative intelligent transport systems, increasing the safety and easy flow of transport 

Urbis Environment

Habitable public areas in times of climate change 

Urbis Digitalization

Electronic services and digital support of local governments, lessons learned from the pandemic

 Urbis Management

How to restart the local economy and be leaders in innovation 

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European premiere of cooperative intelligent transport systems

The URBIS SMART CITY FAIR will include a presentation of the results of the C-Roads project, the aim of which was to develop technology enabling in-service vehicles to communicate with each other and with the transport infrastructure.

The event is the culmination of five years of development, it is the first presentation of its kind in Europe intended mainly for national institutions and representatives led by individual transport ministers of all EU countries. The event will take place at the exhibition center, mainly in the form of a conference with a presentation of less than twenty pilot projects from Europe and live demonstrations on the exhibition grounds, in the streets of the city of Brno and the D1 motorway, where the communicating infrastructure is already installed.

In addition to passenger cars, public transport vehicles and vehicles of the integrated rescue system will also take part in the demos. The concurrence with the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR is mainly due to the fact that the infrastructure managers are municipalities and cities, or other public sector entities. The event includes also an international conference. The results of the C-Roads project will be presented on 3 and 4 June.