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03 Jan 2022

New SmartEnCity Network Bulletin # 30 - December 2021 released

Get to know the latest activities of the Danish SmartEnCity Network and the proceedings of Vitoria-Gasteiz' new Smart Electric Bus. How does Lighthouse City Tartu engage housing associations leaders in the smart home systems and what was happening at the 1st Urban Stakeholders Workshop of Sapienza University of Follower City Lecce? Read our new Network Bulletin and find out.

02 Dec 2021

Housing association leaders met to discuss smart homes

On 26 October, the housing association representatives of the Tartu pilot area met for a hybrid event to discuss the smart home system. In the meeting, a little over half of the pilot area buildings were represented.

01 Dec 2021

Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference - Conference Archive

The Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference end of September was an important international online event, giving a good overview on the state of the art dicussions on city transition, on Integrated Energy Plans and smart solutions. Missed it? No problem. Find all sessions in the event archive.

11 Nov 2021

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin #29 - November 2021 - released

Read Network Bulletin #29 and find out about the activities of Lighthouse City Sonderborg at the COP26 in Glasgow and where to find the presentations and videos of Sonderborg's Climate Neutrality Conference and infos on the award of the Danish Energibyerne Network. In addition you can read about the latest developments in connection with the Smart Electric Bus and the results of energyefficient retrofitting in Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz.

13 Sep 2021

New SmartEnCity Network Bulletin no 28 - September released

Read about the SmartEnCity Final Publication which showcases smart and innovative solutions of our Lighthouse Cities including success stories as well as challenges and hurdles to benefit from the experiences and to foster replication. Register to the Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference end of September to get even more insights on SmartEnCity results and to start your own zero carbon emission journey!

17 Aug 2021

Thermographies demonstrate envelope improvement in Coronación District (Vitoria Gasteiz)

Once retrofitting works have reached their final stage it’s time to check if the technical solutions for the façades renovations are performing as expected. One of the best ways to find out is to use thermal imaging technology. The technology has now been used in the demo district of Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz to prove the success of energy-efficient renovation.

14 Jul 2021

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin no. 27 - July 2021 released

In this edition of the Network Bulletin, you will find an update from the 7th Estonian based SmartEnCity Network meeting, all about the new video of Lighthouse City Tartu, the new waste sorting system of Lighthouse City Sonderborg, the latest renovation works in Lighthouse City and last but not least the brandnew SmartEnCity Final Booklet for download.