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11 Feb 2021

New waste sorting system in Lighthouse City Sonderborg

The SmartEnCity project partner, Sonderborg supply (Sønderborg Forsyning), is ready with a new waste system. Sonderborg is the Denmark’s first municipality in sorting into 10 fractions. The goal is to recycle 50% of household waste by 2022.

09 Feb 2021

Lighthouse City Sonderborg: Green electricity for residents

Housing association SAB focuses on solar energy and is renovating seven departments with rooftop solar cells with battery solutions. The residents thus get green electricity. These measures are part of the association's "energy and sustainability strategy", which the main board has adopted. It also includes the establishment of a green ambassador initiative. Residents are asked to help promoting the green transition.

05 Feb 2021

The Danish national SmartEnCity Network Energibyerne met again - virtually

The Energibyerne (national SmartEnCity Network) met virtually in the beginning of November 2020 for two-day marathon discussion. The meeting was originally planned to be with physical participation, however, due to the then recent Covid-19 recommendations from the Danish government the meeting was held entirely virtually. Guest speakers from EASME, Covenant of Mayors and the Brussels’ Regional offices of Denmark were invited to talk about future and existing collaboration platforms, funding programs and opportunities.

01 Feb 2021

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin no.24 - January 2021 released

Read the new Bulletin and find out about the national SmartEnCity Networks in Estonia and Denmark and an overall update from the EU-wide SmartEnCity Network.COVID-19 is no longer slowing down the Networks ambitions for creating joint actions.

16 Dec 2020

SmartEnCity in Spanish nZEB Congress Book of Abstracts

Last November, SmartEnCity Project was present in the “7th Spanish nZEB Congress”. The Congress’ book of abstracts is now published containing two papers related to SmartEnCity and Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz.

07 Dec 2020

Spanish Architecture Magazine is interested in SmartEnCity project

DPArquitectura magazine is a professional publication designed by and for architects as a service to professionals in the building sector in Spain and has shown interest in SmartEnCity project, in particular to the measures in Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz.

03 Dec 2020

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin no.23 - November 2020 released

Read about the Italian based SmartEnCity Network and about the testing of the electric bus in Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz. Find out about the new murals decorating renovated buildings in the two Lighthouse Cities Tartu and Vitoria-Gasteiz. And learn about what is going on in the Smart Cities sister projects.