Smart retrofitting – from hrustsovka to smartovka!

Monitoring results reveal large savings in Tartu pilot area

31 May 2022

Over the course of the project, Tartu Regional Energy Agency has been monitoring the 17 renovated apartment buildings both in terms of energy consumption and performance.

Before the renovation, the energy class of every building was “F” (221-280 kWh/m2*year) – in one case even “G” (more than 280-340 kWh/m2*year) – which indicates high consumption and poor energy performance. After the renovation, virtually all buildings achieved “A” energy class with an average consumption of 90 kWh/m2*year. As such, the average reduction of consumption was 60%. As the buildings that were still using electric or gas water heaters switched to district heating-based hot water heating, the consumption of gas dropped by 78%. Even with the addition of new energy-consuming devices such as the smart home system and sensors, the average consumption of purchased electricity dropped by 27% as well.  

All in all, the renovation of 17 apartment buildings saved 519 t CO2. On the roofs of the buildings, 551 kW of solar panels were installed. Every renovated building achieved considerable energy savings and is now a healthier and more comfortable dwelling for its residents