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SmartEnCity project is celebrating its successful ending with Final Conference “The Journey towards smart zero CO2 Cities across Europe” on 13 – 14 June in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

13 Jun 2022

After almost seven years of project duration and joint efforts of 38 partners from six countries to make smart zero carbon cities a reality in Europe, SmartEnCity project is coming to an end. Now it’s time to present the results to the broad public in order to foster replication with the help of methods and solutions, developed within SmartEnCity project. Find Press Release in English and Spanish language.

In 2016, SmartEnCity, a project funded under the European Union’s Horion 2020 Research and Innovation Program has started with the aim on achieving a significant reduction of energy demand through cost-effective retrofitting actions, on increasing the use of renewable energy sources and on enhancing smart mobility in their cities.

Therefore, the three Lighthouse Cities Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), Tartu (Estonia) and Sonderborg (Denmark) have developed various smart solutions to reach these goals. But the smartes solutions could not work without an overall concept. How can the transition to a smart city succeed? How to start? What to include? The Cities4ZERO strategy developed within the project, is providing a step by step guidance on how cities can start and follow their way towards zero emissions. Starting with an Integrated Energy Plan, there are clearly defined steps from planning to realisation.

During the first day of the conference, the three steps of the City4ZERO Strategy  will be explained. Representatives from ProjectZero, NetZeroCities and +CityxChange are giving insights in their approaches,  and a high level discussion between SmartEnCity and coordinators of other smart cities projects will discuss the political framework. In the following, SmartEnCity project partners are giving an overview on their activities and smart solutions in the fields of energy efficiency, mobility and ICT.

But one realisation stands above all:  smart solutions could not be successful without the involvement of the most important stakeholders in a city – the citizens! This is why the last thematic session on day 1 is focussing on citizen engagement and emphasising on overcoming potential barriers with regard to renovation and overall district/city development.

The program of the first day is ending with two City Tours to choose from, one to the medieval quarter and another one to the cathedral of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Day 2 of the Final Conference is consisting of three thematic sessions on Monitoring and Evaluations, on Replication and the SmartEnCity Network.

The session Monitoring & Evaluation - Looking out over different Perspectives is speaking about different aspects to be considered, about problems encountered, solutions implemented and lessons learnt regarding monitoring and evaluation of a smart city project.

The second session Replication – What and How? Is discussing the chances and challenges of replication for cities between different entities within the smart cities community and presenting how the SmartEnKIT (SmartEnCity Toolkit for Replication) can help cities in their transition process.

The third session SmartEnCity Network – How to speed up your Smart City Development is reflecting on the network from the view of the member cities. How can you benefit from being part of a network and what are the top recommendations of the member cities?

Finally, a SmartEnCity Network Knowledge Exchange is taking place, offering the opportunity to get in direct contact with SmartEnCity experts in the fields of energy efficiency and retrofitting, citizen engagement, mobility and ICT and to seek individual and practical advice. In addition, the Smart Cities Marketplace is offering services regarding financial issues and matchmaking.

The Final Conference is closing with two alternative tours, one with Vitoria-Gasteiz’ new Smart Electric Bus (BEI - Bus Eléctrico Inteligente), explaining the charging, the services and the automatic guidance system and another walking tour through Demo District Coronación by technicians from project partner GIROA-VEOLIA to see several smart solutions implemented in the field of energy retrofitting.

In addition, the two-days program of the Final Conference will offer numerous networking opportunities.

Find article with overview on SmartEnCity Final Conference including presentations here.


The SmartEnKIT is the official replication toolkit of SmartEnCity project. It presents all outcomes, methods and city solutions in one place with the aim to share the results and to inspire other small and medium-sized cities in Europe to start their journey towards a carbon free future.

SmartEnKIT is an interactive city map, a playful and easy to understand tool. No matter if you are an expert or generally interested in smart cities topics, the toolkit is offering various opportunities to approach. Depending on your mood and interest, you can just stroll along the roads and explore the elements, or you follow the main tracks “Explore more” of “Get into action”.  Anyhow, you can seek information on different levels from general to specific, it is your choice.

Click here to start: SmartEnKIT /


A Travel Guide for Cities – SmartEnCity Final Publication

The SmartEncity Final Publication is documenting impressively best and worst practices of the Lighthouse Cities, the approaches of Follower Cities Asenovgrad and Lecce, the new Cities4ZERO methodology, and the key elements for success. It can therefore be regarded as a “travel guide” for cities to start their smart zero carbon emission journey.

The Final Publication can be found under Final Publication /


SmartEnCity Facts

SmartEnCity received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

Call identifier: H2020-SCC-2015

Topic: SCC-01-2015 Smart Cities and Communities solutions integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors through lighthouse (large scale demonstration – first of the kind) projects

Grant Agreement Number:



78 months (February 2016 – July 2022)


Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation


38 partners from 6 countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Spain)

SmartEnCity Website:  

SmartEnCity Twitter:


Project Coordinator Contact:

TECNALIA Research & Innovation

Francisco Rodríguez Pérez-Curiel / Silvia Urra Uriarte

E-mail: /


Press Contact:

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum


Download Press Release in English here.

Download Press Release in Spanish here.