Tartu has unvealed its last SmartEnCity sculpture. Picture@IBS

Lighthouse City Tartu unveiled its last SmartEnCity sculpture

07 Jul 2022

The Tartu SmartEnCity project has become well-known for creating artworks, either on the facades of renovated apartment building or nearby. In May 2022, the 17th and last artwork of the project was erected in the city: a sculpture titled “The Planter on Turu Street”.

The artist of the work is the renowned Estonian sculptor Elo Liiv who is known for her various monuments and teaching work. According to the artist, the inspiration for the sculpture came from Tartu city’s embracing of nature of biodiversity: the city has launched several biodiversity projects over recent years, for example creating an urban grove in downtown Tartu. 

The artist explained that human life is short and should be lived in harmony with nature. “The more biodiverse our environment is, the stronger and more supportive it is for mankind,” the sculptor commented. As a result, the sculpture depicts a figure planting a rowan tree. Underneath the figure, a meadow grass mat will begin sprouting wildflowers.

The sculpture has received nation-wide media attention and has been well received by the residents