14 Apr 2020

SmartEnCity Academy Update: 2nd lesson date & guest speaker

We have updated the second lesson of our SmartEnCity Academy towards Zero Carbon Transition with new information. The date for "Lesson 2: Mastering Governance & Political Barriers: Engage and Integrate" will be 14 April at 2 PM. And we are proud to announce that Baha Kuban from Demir Enerji, a smart city specialist from our sister SCC1 project Remourban, will join us as an external guest speaker!

21 Feb 2020

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin no.18 - February 2020 published

Read the new Network Bulletin and find out about the national based Italian SmartEnCity Network and its ambitious goals. Also, say hello to Gabrovo, Bulgaria, the youngest Network member and learn about the latest activities of our Lighthouse Cities.

23 Jan 2020

The SmartEnCity Academy for Zero Carbon Transition: An Online Training Course for Cities, Municipalities and Smart Decision Making

The Smart City project SmartEnCity invites you to participate in "The SmartEnCity Academy for Zero Carbon Transition”, an online training course for cities and smart decision making. Join us in 2020 on a series of four online training courses to learn from the experiences of the SmartEnCity project partners and cities as well as selected external professionals from the field.

20 Jan 2020

Lighthouse City Tartu: Smart home systems implemented but adjustments needed

SmartEnCity project in Lighthouse City Tartu is not only about converting old Soviet era apartment buildings into modern energy efficient dwellings – “from hrustsovka to smartovka!” – but also to make them smart in every sense of the word: each retrofitted apartment in the Tartu pilot area has been or will be equipped with a smart home system and various sensors which allow controlling the internal climate of the apartment as well as monitoring energy consumption.

10 Jan 2020

First Network Bulletin in 2020 released

The Network Bulletin no.17 is offering details on the SmartEnCity Academy for Zero Carbon Transition, an online training course for cities and decision makers, consisting of 4 lessons (all happening in 2020) and coming up in a new, interactive format. Find his and more info about a new Network member as well as the efforts of our Lighthouse Cities in our latest edition. Happy New Year and enjoy reading!

17 Dec 2019

Lighthouse City Tartu is celebrating Christmas with residents

On 4 December 2019, nearly 80 pilot area residents gathered in Tartu for another pilot area information event. As the holidays are just around the corner, participants were served (non-alcoholic) mulled wine and gingerbread in addition to pastries and snacks, to help everyone to get in the holiday spirit.