17 Jun 2019

Tartu’s Energy Plan 2030+ is taking shape

The first draft of the Tartu Energy 2030+ Plan (Tartu SECAP) is ready. On June 12, Tartu Regional Energy Agency and Tartu City presented the first strategy draft of the new Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan of Tartu named Tartu Energy 2030+.

13 Jun 2019

Annual summer information event for SmartEnCity pilot area in Tartu

On May 29, Lighthouse City Tartu was having its annual summer event. Again, this event was packed with useful information for the residents of the SmartEnCity pilot area. The meeting was focusing on the rights and claims of apartment owners and the obligations coming along with the maintenance of the new smart houses. Additionally, the new electric bikes and the bike sharing system of Tartu were introduced and the newly appointed Tartu smart city ambassadors acknowledged.

12 Jun 2019

Tartu: Innovative tool for residents to compare cost savings

Living in a smart home has many advantages. But next to a high quality and comfortable environment, the cost savings are the core benefit. Due to new insulation and energy efficient systems, the heating and electricity consumption is expected to drop dramatically.

11 Jun 2019

New Network Bulletin released

This edition of the Network Bulletin provides an overview of the main topics discussed at the SmartEnCity Network Workshop Day held on the 5th June 2019 in Cagliari, Italy.

11 Jun 2019

Tartu awarded Smart House Ambassadors

As part of the social innovation experiment developed by the University of Tartu, the Tartu partners launched its Smart House Ambassador program in April 2019.

06 Jun 2019

SmartEnCity General Assembly and Review Meeting 2019

Last month, the SmartEnCity project partners met in Lighthouse City Tartu for their General Assembly from 7-9 May and in Brussels for their second Review Meeting with INEA on 21 May. Both meetings were very successfull and resulted in numerous productive outcomes and ideas for the future.