11 Dec 2017

Now available for the public: Solutions of the Lighthouse Cities

SmartEnCity Lighthouse Cities Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tartu and Sonderborg have developed, tested and implemented numerous innovative solutions according to their respective needs and circumstances of which 21 are now online and available for the public.

23 Nov 2017

Informative citizen event in Tartu

On 16th November 2017, the local consortium in Lighthouse City Tartu organised a local information event in order to give an update about the SmartEnCity retrofitting actions and discuss the rights and duties of inhabitants who are affected by these actions, as well as other practical issues.

22 Nov 2017

Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz is sharing its learnings on citizen engagement

"Empower your city transition - Citizen Engagement learnings from SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz" is the title of an article about how to create society engagement. For the development of a citizen engagement strategy for Vitoria-Gasteiz, the CES Model has been applied. This tool is the product of five years of practice and research on collaborative projects, done by H-ENEA.

23 Oct 2017

Tartu: Mapping of public bicycle locations completed

This summer, residents of Tartu were invited to become actively involved in the planning of a public bicycle system. 247 people participated in the mapping of locations as well as the survey. As a result, a total of 2386 locations for possible public bicycle parking facilities were marked on the web map.

11 Oct 2017

SmartEnCity Conference Week and Follower City Workshop in Sonderborg – “Cities are created to serve the citizens’ needs”

In early October, the Smart City community met in the SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Sonderborg. The two-day Climate conference, taking place from 4th to 5th October, focused on integrated smart solutions for Europe´s ambitious small and medium sized cities, including citizen participation and policy framing. The conference provided an opportunity to discuss how cities, independent of size, can learn from each other.