04 Nov 2018

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin - October edition

This months’ Bulletin is all about communication activities in cities and efficient stakeholder engagement through informative and well-structured events. Have a look and find out....

31 Oct 2018

SmartEnCity at Eurocities Mobility Forum in Burgas, Bulgaria

SmartEnCity follower city Asenovgrad and Sofia Energy Centre took part in the Eurocities Mobility Forum that was held from 10 to 12 September 2018 in Burgas, Bulgaria. Under the motto of “Smart mobility: a clever move” the forum gathered over 70 participants among which representatives of cities from all over Europe i.e. Gdansk, Groningen, Karlsruhe, Lisbon, Lyon, Mannheim, Munich, Oslo, Stuttgart, Tallinn, Toulouse, Utrecht and Vienna. Several Bulgarian cities had also been represented, these were Burgas (as the event host), Asenovgrad, Sofia and Gabrovo.

31 Oct 2018

Lighthouse City Tartu is shaping its energy future

"Tartu Energy 2030+" was the title of Tartu's first SmartEnCity energy planning workshop on 15th October, bringing together more than 40 representatives from all kind of public and private fields being tackled by this topic.

29 Oct 2018

Tartu Karlova district received a unique gateway

A large-scale mural titled “Gateway to Karlova” by artist Katrin Piile now decorates the façade of Kalevi 10 in Tartu. The making of the artwork was supported by the Tartu smart city project SmartEnCity. All pilot area buildings that will be renovated in the SEC project will not only become smart but also eye-catching.

21 Sep 2018

SmartEnCity Flyer published

SmartEnCity has published their first 6 page flyer with information about our three Lighthouse Cities, our two Follower Cities, the SmartEnCity Network, and much more. Have a look!

20 Sep 2018

Tartu is taking another step towards smart public transportation

In line with Tartu’s previous actions, Tartu is continuing its efforts of putting its vision of smart public transport into reality: In addition to the implementation of a new e-bike sharing system, the installation of one further electric car rental point and a new energy-efficient bus service based on 64 new buses fueled with methane gas, a new electric bus is operating free of charge between train station and city centre.