11 Sep 2019

Global Green City Award for Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz

Congratulations to our Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz which was recognised with the Global Green City Award, an award granted by the Global Forum on Human Settlements, sponsored by the UN. On September 6th, the prize was announced in a ceremony at the United Nations (UN) Conference Centre in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia).

09 Sep 2019

From Carbon Calculators to Energy system Analysis in Cities

David Drysdale from Aalborg University, Denmark published a new article in the scientific journal "Energies". The article “From Carbon Calculators to Energy System Analysis in Cities” is aiming at providing a methodology that European cities can use to carry out scenarios for highly renewable energy systems with low carbon emissions.

04 Sep 2019

New SmartEnCity Network Bulletin published

In this edition of the Network Bulletin is focussing on the Integrated Energy Planning (IEP) processes of the SmartEnCity Follower Cities – Lecce (Italy) and Asenovgrad (Bulgaria) and on the Intergrated Energy Planning methodology developed within SmartEnCity project.

24 Jul 2019

SEC Network Bulletin July 2019

This edition of the Network Bulletin looks into the story of one of the latest city members of the SmartEnCity Network – the city of Valga, Estonia. Learn about the participation of the Danish national SmartEnCity Network (The Energy Cities) at the yearly event – Folkemodet (People’s Political Festival) in Bornholm, Denmark!

24 Jul 2019

First ultra-fast EV charging point of the Iberian Peninsula opened in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Not part of SmartEnCity Project but breaking news: SmartEnCity Project Partner IBIL (EVE) has installed the first ultra-fast charging point for electric vehicles in southern Europe. Located on the beltway of Vitoria-Gasteiz (N-I highway in Lopidana), the facility can recharge the battery of any compatible EV in five to ten minutes, similar to the time used in a conventional refuelling.

10 Jul 2019

“Three Maidens” have moved into the pilot area of Lighthouse City Tartu

In the end of June, the Tartu pilot area received its fourth artwork on the Tiigi 21 building, entitled “Three Maidens”. According to the author of the artwork, local Estonian artist Huupi, the artwork was inspired by a mural created in 1970 by the legendary Estonian artist Elmar Kits. “It took me a while to find the right artist and painting,” Huupi said. “I went through a lot of sketches before I found “Three Maidens” by Elmar Kits. It inspired me immediately and I could see how I can use my own creative style in recreating it.”