27 Jul 2020

Tartu's first ever outdoor art exhibition opened

On July 20, the first ever local SmartEnCity outdoor art exhibition, explaining and hightlighting Tartu's wall paintings, was opened in Tartu, on the iconic arch bridge that crosses the river Emajõgi. The exhibition is called “Smartovka murals” and the descriptions of the murals are coming in both, in Estonian and English language.

22 Jul 2020

Vitoria-Gasteiz starts testing its new 100% electric bus

The final prototype of the vehicle, which was presented last week on Tuesday, 14 July at an official ceremony with the city´s mayor and representatives from the provincial and regional governments, will be tested without passengers during the coming months on the route of Line 2 of TUVISA (the city´s public bus company), where it will enter into service in mid 2021. Apart from the first convoy, the two pantographs that will allow to re-charge batteries at the two Line extremes were also installed.

15 Jul 2020

District Heating construction works started in Vitoria Gasteiz’s demo area

Another major milestone reached in Lighthouse City Vitoria Gasteiz: July 2020 has been the kick off month for the District Heating Network construction works. With this actuation, citizens and district neighbours can finally see, how the ambitious plans for the new infrastructure become real.

25 Jun 2020

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin no.20 - June 2020 released

This new edition is telling you about the latest activities of our Lighthouse Cities Tartu and Sonderborg as well as of the Danish SmartEnCity Network plus a recap of the latest lesson "City Analysis and Diagnosis" of our SmartEnCity Academy plus much more interesting news on SmartEnCity project.

08 Jun 2020

SmartEnCity Academy: records of lesson 3 now availble

Our 3rd lesson "Where are we now? City Analysis and Diagnoses" was taking place last week on 04 June with a presentation of the Covenant of Mayors from Alis Daniela Torres, Climate Action and Smart Cities - Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Expert as well as an introduction of SmartEnCity's Energy Balance Tool and practical insights of Lighthouse City Sonderborg and Follower City Asenovgrad.