15 Sep 2020

Spanish national SmartEnCity Network - a status quo

Strategic Planning in Vitoria-Gasteiz; picking up the tent just before the storm! Vitoria-Gasteiz municipality officially started its Energy Transition strategic process with a city diagnosis in 2019, leading to a 2020 crucial year in terms of Strategic Planning.

15 Sep 2020

Update from the national Bulgarian SmartEnCity Network

Bulgarian SmartEnCity Network has been created involving six Bulgarian municipalities as well as a number of other relevant stakeholders. Various collaborative actions have since been performed before the activites were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

27 Aug 2020

Lighthouse City Tartu is getting famous because of its numerous mural artworks

The new article of EU platform CORDIS reports on the first ever mural art exhibition of Lighthouse City Tartu. Each wall painting is the crowning glory of the SmartEnCity renovation activities. The colourful murals are attracting citizens and vistors equally and making Tartu famous far beyond its borders.

17 Aug 2020

Vitoria-Gasteiz unveiled new wall painting

The house façade of Eulogio Serdán Street appears in a new look because the wall painting has finally been completed. It took a long time, but it was worth it. With the involvement of neighbours, artists, technicians and students, the idea was put into practice.

28 Jul 2020

New wall painting in Lighthouse City Tartu

Tartu's latest mural is the result of the joint efforts of a father and his son. Mid-July, the 13th wall painting of SmartEnCity project was completed. It is titled “Blowers” and is located on the end wall of the Tiigi Street 3 apartment building, next to the University of Tartu Library. The author and painter of the mural is Markus Kasemaa, a local artist.

27 Jul 2020

Cities4ZERO Approach to Foresight for Fostering Smart Energy Transition on Municipal Level

This new SmartEnCity scientific publication by Merit Tartar (Institute of Baltic Studies), Tarmo Kalvet and Marek Tiits (both Institute of Baltic Studies and Tallinn University of Technology) is dealing with smart energy transition at municipal level, which is increasingly gaining importance but challenges are remaining regarding the tools, involvement of stakeholders and on the development of policies.

27 Jul 2020

Tartu's first ever outdoor art exhibition opened

On July 20, the first ever local SmartEnCity outdoor art exhibition, explaining and hightlighting Tartu's wall paintings, was opened in Tartu, on the iconic arch bridge that crosses the river Emajõgi. The exhibition is called “Smartovka murals” and the descriptions of the murals are coming in both, in Estonian and English language.