14 Apr 2020

SmartEnCity Academy Update: 2nd lesson date & guest speaker

We have updated the second lesson of our SmartEnCity Academy towards Zero Carbon Transition with new information. The date for "Lesson 2: Mastering Governance & Political Barriers: Engage and Integrate" will be 14 April at 2 PM CEST. And we are proud to announce that Baha Kuban from Demir Enerji, a smart city specialist from our sister SCC1 project Remourban, will join us as an external guest speaker!

02 Apr 2020

The charging of Sonderborg's electric vehicles is secured

All 30 E.ON EV charging points are now in operation. They are mainly stand-alone chargers, with two charging outlets each, with 22 kW charging capacity. This means that when only one EV is plugged into the charger, it will be charged faster than two EVs being plugged in simultaneously. One car, if it possessed the capability, will be charged with 22 kW, and two cars plugged in at the same time, will charge with 11 kW each.

01 Apr 2020

Lighthouse City Tartu: Smart home training sessions for residents

All Tartu pilot area apartments will be equipped with a smart home system. This comprises of a tablet computer on the wall near the entrance of the apartment and various sensors. In most pilot area buildings, the systems have already been installed, even though some further software developments are still underway.?

24 Mar 2020

SmartEnCity Networks: Estonian Smart Cities Club visited Elva

On March 12, the Estonian Smart Cities Club met for the fifth time in Elva, Estonia. Elva, a small city of only 5600 people, located in Tartu county, was one the first to join the Club and kindly offered to host the March meeting. Present were representatives from Rakvere, Valga, Tartu and Elva cities, and also project partners from Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA), Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS), the University of Tartu and Smart City Lab.

12 Mar 2020

SmartEnCity Academy has successfully started - recording now online!

The SmartEnCity Academy has already started on the 20 February with more than 50 attendees participating in lesson 1: "The SmartEnCity Way towards Zero Carbon City". The online training course was coming up in a new interactive format and was very well received.

12 Mar 2020

SmartEnCity Project represented at Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum

“Smart Cities – What’s Next?” was the title of the EIP-SCC marketplace session on 18 February 2020 in Brussels. SmartEnCity was represented by project coordinator Francisco Rodriguez Perez-Curiel during a panel discussion which was focusing on opportunities for implementation, replication and scaling up for Smart City solutions from different perspectives.