Tartu: Renovation Kalevi

First renovation works starting in Tartu’s smart city demo district

28 May 2018

The Tartu City Government decided to give the Kalevi 10 Apartment Association a grant of EUR 168,504 for reconstruction of the residential building and EUR 3,000 for creating a work of art. Kalevi 10 is also the first building to be refurbished within the framework of the smart city project SmartEnCity.

According to the local project’s coordinator, Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, design works have been completed for the majority of the apartment buildings, building design documentation has undergone an expert assessment, financing plans for construction works are in place and the building company has been selected. ‘I am pleased to announce that the preparations, which have taken nearly two years, have come to an end and construction works can soon begin. The reconstruction of apartment buildings with high energy use into nearly zero energy buildings is, without a doubt, a new and bold approach, and we would like to be a pioneer in this field and to initiate best practices,’ added Tamm.

 The SmartEnCity project has brought together 22 apartment associations within the pilot area of Tartu. A total of EUR 3,978,000 has been allocated in the SmartEnCity project for the reconstruction of apartment buildings. Construction works must be completed by 30 June 2019, at the latest.

 Within the framework of the international project SmartEnCity, an energy efficient city district, operating based on smart solutions, will be created from the Khrushchyovkas located in the city centre of Tartu, where the Soviet era apartment buildings will be renovated into near zero energy buildings. A smart home solution will be implemented within the apartments of the renovated buildings, allowing residents to monitor and regulate energy consumption from their home.

The smart city district will also employ innovative solutions in terms of district heating, street lighting and the use of renewable energy, with charging stations for electric cars also being constructed there (https://smartencity.eu/news/detail/?rx_call=100). One of the project’s activities is the creation of a bicycle sharing system in Tartu (https://smartencity.eu/news/detail/?rx_call=99).

The SmartEnCity project is being funded within the framework of the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. The project began in February 2016 and will end in July 2021.