Coronación District information office

Coronación District information office: a popular choice!

29 May 2018

Within the final rush and just a few days before the deadline of the adhesion period on May 31, the information office of Coronación District in Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz has reached an astonishing milestone: Dealing with more than one thousand inquiries, this office has really proven to be a highly appreciated contact point, reflecting the high interest of the citizens and the ongoing need for explanations.

The information point has been opened late last summer to foster engagement with the neighbourhood. Ever since, more than one thousand inquiries have been carried out by interested neighbours (around 90% of the interactions) or citizens just being curious to know what is happening within their district as part of SmartEnCity project.

In this last week, VISESA’s team has been working with great efforts to transmit its unrelenting enthusiasm to the remaining undecided neighbours and trying hard to win as many participants and as much commitment from them as possible before the end of May. Once the adhesion period has been finished, the retrofitting actions will be deployed. Consequently, in this final week, the message for the neighbours has been clear: “Come on! Join the project now and become an active part of the amazing transformation of the district that is coming up in the next months!“.