Press Conferece in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Vitoria-Gasteiz: SmartEnCity continues in Coronación Demo District!

13 Jun 2018

“With 753 equivalent dwellings committing themselves to SmartEnCity, the project has received an ultimate support and now moves forward with fresh energy!” announced Vitoria-Gasteiz’ mayor, Gorka Urtaran, in a press conference on May 31, together with the general director of Visesa, Carlos Quindós, the general director of EVE, Iñigo Ansola and the general director of Giroa, Juan Manuel Taracena.

In a press conference held in City Hall, the four driving institutions of SmartEnCity’s energy efficient building retrofitting and District Heating Network deployment in Coronación District (VISESA, Public Society attached to the Department of Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing of the Basque Government, City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Energy Authority (EVE) and Giroa) announced that the SmartEnCity initiative in Vitoria-Gasteiz continues thanks to the confirmed support of 753 equivalent dwellings. Out of these 753 dwellings, 688 will be connected to the new District Heating Network.

With these figures, promoters have given green light to the project, which will include the energy retrofitting of the buildings, the deployment of a District Heating Network based on biomass and the improvement of public spaces in the priority areas already chosen by the neighbours in a participatory process carried out in the previous months.

After an extension of the scope, a significant improvement in public funding and the Guarantee Fund, the second deadline for the adhesion of communities ended on May 31 with the following numbers: 397 dwellings joined  the project, out of which 332 have voted yes to the District Heating Network. In addition, Aldabe Civic Centre and other tertiary facilities have manifested their willingness to join (whose consumption would be equivalent to 356 additional dwellings) which means a total sum of 753 equivalent dwellings. In other words, the District Heating Network would have an equivalent consumption of 688 dwellings.

The strong commitment of the institutions with Coronación District is also reflected into the decision of maintaining a public funding equivalent to 54% of the total estimated cost of the intervention (sum of the contributions of H2020 European program, the City of Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Basque Government) until the allocated budget gets exhausted, estimating that 200 additional dwellings could eventually join the project in the coming weeks, once the public announcement of the confirmation of the project implementation has been done.

The institutions have highlighted the efforts of all the involved people to carry out this European project and have thanked the neighbours for their trust placed in the project consortium to transform an institutional project into a neighbours’ project. Throughout the information process, 67% of the dwellings included in the scope of action have voted to decide about the adhesion with the SmartEnCity project.

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