SmartEnCity Regeneration Strategy: Integrated Management models for large scale Smart City transformation projects

This paper explains an integrated and collaborative methodology oriented to customer satisfaction.

A Project Organisation Scheme (POS) based on Building Integrated Model (BIM) methodology has been defined. This scheme, covering the whole project life cycle, would ensure the correct involvement of the stakeholders and the appropriated establishment of communications channels and collaborative dynamics. 

In addition, a Control Panel is suggested as a compliance tool, in order to verify the interrelationship between the solutions implemented in the city and the specifications set in the Project Organisation Scheme. 

The final objective of these guidelines is to increase customer satisfaction by improving transparency, quality, performance and delivery time while reducing risks of implementing these type of projects.

The document includes some best practices of the model implementation in the 3 lighthouse cities as potential replicability examples.

Find full paper here.

Contact:Mikel Cepeda, LKS INGENIERIA, mcepeda(at)