SmartEnCity Regeneration Strategy: Integrated SmartEnCity Strategy (version1)

This deliverable provides the first approach to the Integrated Urban Regeneration (IUR) strategy of SmartEnCity project.The document includes an in-depth analysis of Integrated Urban Planning and Smart City policies evolution; a sectorial integrated analysis considering energy, retrofitting, urban mobility, ICTs, and governance; and a first proposal of SmartEnCity IUR Strategy flow and elements to be considered, which will be contrasted, validated and finalized in its second version (V2) in 2019 after intervention demo works in cities are finished.

The overall objective of Workpackage 2 titled “SmartEnCity Regeneration Strategy” is the development and consolidation of and integrated and systemic urban regeneration model towards Smart and Zero Carbon City concepts.

This paper defines the methods and process that will be applied not only in the Integrated Urban Regeneration Strategy of the three SmartEnCity Light House cities, as well as in the definition of the Urban Regeneration projects of the two follower cities

Previous papers of this Workpackage have been the basis to build this first version of the SmartEnCity Regeneration Strategy. Specifically “City needs and baseline definition process and methods” provides recommendations to define the governance framework that encompasses integrated management, citizen engagement, and regeneration strategy of SmartEnCity Lighthouse projects.

This paper has been divided in three main chapters, structuring the lecture from a general and more theoretical overview through the concepts that have built the urban regeneration along more than three decades and the smart city concept in Europe, to a more specific chapter in which the SmartEnCity Regeneration Strategy is explained.

Regarding this main structure, chapter 4, called Integrated Urban Planning provides a general overview of the evolution of the European regulation framework in the different areas that have contributed to build an Integrated Urban Planning and Smart City policy.

Chapter 5 links that previous general framework with the SmartEnCity dimensions (governance, retrofitting, energy, mobility and ICTs) providing a theoretical analysis on how these dimensions have been defined and how they have evolved.

Finally, chapter 6 defines the first version of the SmartEnCity Regeneration Strategy, defining on one hand the whole structure that build the strategy (main dimensions, processes and phases) and on the other hand the specific definition and conceptualisation of the processes (step by step) that contribute to consolidate the strategy. This first version is going to be fed up with the real practice of the three Light House cities (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Sonderborg and Tartu), with the aim of addressing in the final version of the SmartEnCity Regeneration Strategy.

The sources used to elaborate this deliverable have been mainly European regulatory documents like communications, white papers, charts, strategies, etc. Also general literature in the field of Smart City and its main domains (urban planning, urban regeneration, governance, energy, mobility, ICTs) has been reviewed.

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Contact: Carolina García, Tecnalia Research & Innovation, carolina.garcia(at)