Sonderborg Lighthouse Deployment: Sonderborg Diagnosis and Baseline

Introduces the Diagnosis and Baseline for Sonderborg with focus on in depth analysis for developing an operational strategy to implement key parts for reaching the Zero-goal, being the main demonstration elements of the SmartEnCity-project. The Sonderborg Diagnosis and Baseline is based on SmartEnCity guideline for Diagnosis and Baseline.

The Diagnosis and Baseline for Sonderborg have been developed to ensure that transition actions in Sonderborg are identified and prioritised based on their potential to meet Sonderborg’s needs and impact towards the city’s Zero CO2 goal – while at the same time supporting and building upon existing structures and activities in Sonderborg.

The report contains an in-depth quantitative and qualitative characterisation of Sonderborg at municipal level, based on the Diagnosis and Baseline guideline and indicator system developed in the SmartEnCity project. The three main outputs are: 

  1. Diagnosis of Sonderborg (qualitative and quantitative) regarding local conditions, energy supply and consumption, building stock and retrofitting needs, urban mobility, ICTs infrastructures and services, and stakeholder engagement.
  2. Baseline evaluation framework for Sonderborg (quantitative) to be used for the interventions (demonstration projects). This includes a Geographical Energy Balance 2015 for the municipal area of Sonderborg based on the Energy Balance tool available at
  3. Identification and prioritisation of interventions.

Sonderborg Diagnosis and Baseline contributes to the overall objective of “Sonderborg Lighthouse Deployment”, developing detailed planning and coordination for implementing demonstration projects in Sonderborg according to the initial process lay-out. 

The phase of diagnosis and baseline calculation to perform city needs identification and prioritisation is recommended as initial step of any integrated city transition process.

Find full paper here.

Contact: Simon Stendorf Sørensen, PlanEnergi, sss(at)