Monitoring and Evaluation: Integrated infrastructures action monitoring program

Targeted to the three Ligthhouse Cities, this document contains the general description of the monitoring to be installed relative to the Integrated infrastructures actions. The KPIs and indicators coming from papers "Evaluation protocols" and "City impact evaluation procedure" are further deployed to match the monitoring elements that will provide the information for the project interventions evaluation stage.

The objective of the monitoring program task under Workpackage Monitoring and Evaluation is the definition of monitoring programs for the Lighthouse Cities. Three parallel documents are being generated covering the monitoring and metering aspects for three main pillars of the project: the district intervention actions, the vehicles and urban mobility actions and the actions related to the integrated infrastructure pillar.

All the necessary requirements defined up to now for the interventions have been taken into account to define systems for monitoring, metering and data acquisition, to be chosen according to the set of KPIs selected to quantify the result reached after the execution of the interventions and actions in each Lighthouse City as were established on the evaluation protocols defined in papers "Evaluation protocols" and City impact evaluation procedure".

This specific report compiles the monitoring program for the actions related to the integrated infrastructure pillar for the three Lighthouse Cities participating in SmartEnCity project, following the evaluation strategy drawn through the different documents delivered previously in this Workpackage and applying the evaluation protocols of each city. This document jointly with the other two monitoring deliverables and the data collection approach deliverable show how the data gathering and collection from the different sources (dwellings, buildings, district, vehicles, etc.) will be done to allow the proper evaluation of the final performance.

It was intended to include more specific details of devices and monitoring equipment to be installed in this document, but not many final monitoring equipment has been yet decided being thus instead included indications, recommendations and guidelines for the definition on the cases needed. A final report including the detailed and more comprehensive information of all monitoring elements and the data collection process will be done at the end of the project (paper: Monitoring Summary). In the meantime, a follow-up process will be done to check periodically the advances of the actuations, and the implementation of the different measures, as well as the data collection process. This will be contemplated on internal periodic reports and also on the supervision of the interventions deliverables within this Workpackage.

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