Replication to Followers and Smart Cities Network: Smart Cities Network Activities Report_v1

The main objective of this document is to show the activities and the progress of the SmartEnCity Network during its initial 12 months of the project.

This public paper is an overview of the SmartEnCity Network in the first 12 months of the project. The purpose and target group of the network are defined along with what is the focus and the impact of the network. The SmartEnCity Network value proposition is defined together with the network strategy for involvement of the targeted potential small and medium sized city members across Europe. 

During the first year the first SmartEnCity, a SEC Network seminar organised in Tartu, Estonia focused mainly on cities in the Nordic region. The seminar’s main goal was to discuss what member cities would expect from the SmartEnCity Network and how to move forward with planning and implementing the SmartEnCity network activities. 

One important activity was the launch of the initial SmartEnCity network page as part of the SEC website. This enabled all interested cities to learn more about the network and join it. In addition, 5 webinars were planned which address systemic/application subjects combined with city cases – based on case-cities from the SmartEnCity Network. 

Following the seminar in Estonia, a second network seminar was organised in February 2017 in Lecce, Italy where the attention was given not only to SmartEnCity Network members but also to Italian cities. Most of them potential members of the SmartEnCity Network. 

The paper concludes with the scheduled focus of the network for the next 12 months and possible challenges that it may face.

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Peter Rathje, ProjectZero, peter.rathje(at)