Replication to Followers and Smart Cities Network: Smart Cities Network Activities Report_v2

This deliverable focuses on the status, activities and outcomes of the SmartEnCity network during the first 24 months of the project.

This document builds on version 1 of the "Smart Cities Network Activities Report". The conclusion of this paper was, that a stronger commitment to the network is needed and more attention should be given to it. That was leading to the new SmartEnCity Network page (platform), which has been created with much more interactive features. In addition, the network has grown twice since the first year. The network members are exposed on the SmartEnCity Network website, interact with other cities and learn from them. 

The third network meeting occurred in October 2017, this time in one of the Lighthouse Cities - Sonderborg, Denmark. During the meeting, cities from the SmartEnCity network and SCC1 cities presented their best practice cases and shared their experiences and challenges. In addition, a ZEROtour with three SmartEnCity showcases was made in Sonderborg, targeting smart mobility, housing and district heating solutions. 

The SmartEnCity network has been promoted through various channels including the use of other networks from other Smart Cities projects as multipliers. The fourth network meeting in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria (March 2018) was focusing on promoting the SmartEnCity network among Bulgarian cities and learn more about them. The meeting also aimed at discussing how integrated urban approaches can help the smart energy transition in cities across Europe. Using integrated energy planning (IEP) as a tool to help this process, the SmartEnCity energy experts presented the concept on the meeting.   

Furthermore, the paper concludes a new strategy plan which aims at implementing IEP approaches in the Lighthouse City Sonderborg, Denmark and the Follower City Asenovgrad, Bulgaria. Another focus of the plan is the recruitment of motivated cities and boosting cross-national SmartEnCity networks in which the replication process will run smoother and potentially will end up with a stronger engagement of the network members

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Peter Rathje, ProjectZero, peter.rathje(at)