Replication to Followers and Smart Cities Network: Replication Toolkit v.1

The first version of the SmartEnCity replication toolkit aims to extend the experience gained and lessons learned during the project to other cities, making it easier for them to implement similar smart city initiatives successfully in other contexts.

The SmartEnCity replication toolkit will ensure that the integrated approach that will be demonstrated in the Lighthouse Cities of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tartu and Sonderborg could be successfully replicated elsewhere in Europe so to move towards sustainable and resource-efficient urban environments. More specifically, it is expected that the toolkit will guide and encourage the development of individual integrated energy plans and replication roadmaps by the project’s Follower Cities of Lecce and Asenovgrad, the SmartEnCity Network members or other small and medium-sized cities within and beyond Europe.

Besides outlining the SmartEnCity integrated approach and giving strategic and methodological advice on how a city could start its own integrated energy planning process, the toolkit also outlines the main replication tools used in the project to increase the smart city awareness and planning skills of other interested cities. The main replication channel is the SmartEnCity Network that brings together small and medium-sized European cities with a zero-carbon ambition and shares first-hand knowledge about implementing smart city measures.

Summarising the benefits, replication in SmartEnCity:

  • Brings together cities interested in planning and implementing their own integrated energy plans under the umbrella of the SmartEnCity Network
  • Provides advice and guidance to the Follower and Network cities based on the Lighthouse cities’ demo activities, experiences and lessons learned (through e.g. capacity-building workshops, study visits and integrated energy plan reviews);
  • Enables access to project results and content through various replication tools, e.g. webinars, publications and deliverables; 
  • Raises awareness of integrated energy planning and the vision of smart zero carbon cities across Europe.

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Merit Tatar, Institute of Baltic Studies, merit(at)