Citizen Engagement Strategy and deployment plan

04 Jul 2018

The aim of the qualitative research has been to create a descriptive tool, called CES Model, which goal is to map the citizen engagement reality of each Lighthouse City in a homogeneous way.

The CES Model identifies the Strategy of each Lighthouse City in nine differentiated key areas: Governance, Purpose, Key Actors and Roles, Citizen Engagement Strategies definition, Value Proposition, Segments and Target Groups, Communication, Spaces and Feedback. This exercise has been developed during the first year of the project, year 2016, which has been mostly centered in the district renovation and refurbishing area value proposals. Regarding the conclusions, each Lighthouse City has a different neighbourhood organisational system: Sonderborg has a very structured node and Tartu is middle structured, which means that the interlocutors for the house refurbishing engagement process are already identified. In the case of Vitoria, there is no node that works exclusively as interlocutor for housing refurbishing issues. As recommendation for the Follower Cities, there is no unique receipt to make a strategy, the design must be adapted to each reality. It is very important to understand the initial conditions of the city in each key area. In all cases the information delivery to the target groups should be constant and coherent. A communication and engagement group should be created for that aim. The proposals to the citizen change depending on the initial culture on sustainability and smart technologies. The value proposal development process has different stages; anyhow, the initial phase is good to attract lead users. Another part of the work has been designing four experiments towards a more sustainable behaviour in the Tartu intervention zone. The first will be based on change in the energy use of the household, the second on change in the energy use on a building level. The third will be based on popularising greener and more sustainable mobility and the fourth will be based on promoting social and peer to peer learning.

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