Early adopters starting retrotting works in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Retrofitting works starting at Coronación District

31 Jul 2018

The so called “Early Adopters” community from Coronación District in Vitoria Gasteiz is happy to finally see its first façade scovered with scaffolds.

First envelope retrofitting works have already started in Eulogio Serdan Street: neighbours from numbers 4 and 8 can now look through their windows and follow the day-to-day progress of transforming SmartEnCity plans turning into tangible reality.

The retrofitting works will transform the building envelope into a brand new energy-efficient façade within the next months. Now, at the beginning, technicians are testing and preparing the walls before carrying out the insulation of the façade that is going to keep the building warmer in the winter and fresher in the summer.

That's one small step for a building, but one giant leap for Coronación District.