Tartu's new e-bus-service. Foto: Joonas Sisask

Tartu is taking another step towards smart public transportation

20 Sep 2018

In line with Tartu’s previous actions, Tartu is continuing its efforts of putting its vision of smart public transport into reality: In addition to the implementation of a new e-bike sharing system, the installation of one further electric car rental point and a new energy-efficient bus service based on 64 new buses fueled with methane gas, a new electric bus is operating free of charge between train station and city centre.

The era of diesel buses is definitely coming to an end in SmartEnCity’s Lighthouse City Tartu. The papers are sorted and the plans on a new environment-friendly regular bus service are taking shape: The ten year’s contract worth EUR 66 million was signed with AS GoBus, which will start its services with 64 new gas buses beginning of July 2019.

In July 2019, City of Tartu will also switch over to a new bus route network which will significantly differ from the current one in terms of the itineraries, the number of routes and the frequency of the schedules. The city is inviting the residents of Tartu to give their feedback regarding these changes via a map application on the city’s homepage. The aim is to provide a better connection and a more frequent operation due to the people’s needs. Also, five public discussions will be held in different sections of the city in order to involve as many citizens and users as possible.

The new era has started already this year, on the 3rd September with a free electric bus line between Tartu’s bus and railway station. 14 times a day, between 05.37 in the morning and 22.24 at night, the bus is taking passengers from the train station to the city centre and back. Its schedule is timed to match the timetable of trains. This service is free of charge and will initially operate for one year until 31. August 2019 and shall help to explore the technical and logistical challenges of using electric buses.