New Network article: How is SmartEnCity contributing to zero carbon cities in Europe? Part 5.

05 Nov 2018

David Drysdale covered the series of articles describing the SmartEnCity approach to zero carbon city development where he explained the theory behind the four phases of Integrated Energy Planning. Part 5 "Finalising and following the Integrated Energy Plan – The role of local authorities" is the last one from these series.

Phase 4 of Integrated Energy Planning is where the Integrated Plan is developed. The Integrated Plan describes all the different projects or programs that will be implemented, which have been thoroughly discussed and evaluated in the first three phases of the process.

The local authority and relevant key stakeholders in the city should be the ones that decide which projects/programs will be added to the Integrated Plan. Ongoing monitoring of these projects is required to compare their outcomes against their expected impact. This requires that key sustainability indicators be developed and observed and monitored by the city on an ongoing basis.

This article describes some requirements for this ongoing monitoring plus additional activities to ensure the Integrated Plan is carried out effectively.

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