Last chance for Coronación neighbours to join SmartEnCity project

30 Nov 2018

The 31st December 2018 will be the last chance for Coronación neighbours to sign up for the SmartEnCity retrofitting works, and therefore, the chance to receive financial support from a European grant and other specific institutional grants linked to this project.

Coronación neighbours are still on time to join and to take advantage of this unique opportunity that implies guaranteed subsidies from SmartEnCity project of up to 54%. This grant can be increased up to 80% depending on different prerequisites and even up to the total cost of the works through the Guarantee Fund for people with low incomes.

What will happen after this ultimate deadline? The neighbours will still be able to renovate their homes as well as connect to the future district heating network by opting for currently valid grants. But these won’t be as advantageous as those within SmartEnCity project, such as a 54% upfront grant, regardless of rent and residence to all owners who connect and retrofit the envelope of their building. This grant is especially interesting for medium and high incomes that are normally left out of existing regular grants.

What has happened in the Coronación demo district so far? From 10 December, the street Eulogio Serdán 4 will show the first retrofitted façade in within the framework of SmartEnCity European project.

Last July, the retrofitting works on the first “early adopter community” in Eulogio Serdán street began and on 10 December, the scaffolding will be removed and everyone will be able to see the actual result of the envelope rehabilitation, a good example of the SmartEnCity project.

Moreover, in December, a public tender for the retrofitting works of 9 additional buildings from the so called 2nd phase will be launched and, facing 2019, in June the tender for another 18 buildings corresponding to the 3rd phase will add another 221 dwellings to the SmartEnCity retrofitting process.

SmartEnCity information office in Coronación district will remain opened until June 2019 to present solutions and inform the neighbours.