Vitoria-Gasteiz is ready for retrofitting phase II

02 Jan 2019

In order to prepare the next tender for the renovation of the next 9 buildings in demo-district Coronación, project partner VISESA organised an Information Day for local construction companies.

On Wednesday, December 12th VISESA scheduled  an “Info Day” for local construction companies to explain in detail all the specific characteristics of the forthcoming public tender for the construction works of the next 9 buildings belonging to the second phase of the retrofitting package in Coronación District of Vitoria Gasteiz.  

Thanks to a successful communication strategy, more than 25 companies attended the information day, where the special features of a public tender were explained in detail. The main objective was to pave the way for the local companies to overcome the barriers that they may have when applying to a public contest. Most of the attending companies were considered being SMEs due to their size and may not familiar with this kind of public tendering processes. 

Within December, VISESA launched a public tender to contract the construction companies that will be in charge of the refurbishment of the next 9 buildings adhered to the project and corresponding to its second retrofitting phase. The tender is divided in different batches with several buildings per batch in order to make it more attractive to the construction companies.