Tartu's visit to Stavanger

SmartEnCity meets Triangulum

18 Dec 2018

Already in November last year, 8 people from the city government of Tartu visited Lighthouse City Stavanger of our sister project Triangulum for an intense knowledge-transfer.

From 20.-22.11., 2 Lighthouse cities of 2 Smart Cities Projects met for 2 days in order to exchange visions, plans and achievements to compare their ways towards a smart-zero carbon free city.

8 people from the city government of Tartu came to visit Triangulum’s Lighthouse city Stavanger. The Municipal Building Department and representatives of the Cultural Department were welcoming their SmartEnCity guests and organised 2 days packed with information and discussions.

During their trip, they visited the Municipal Central Energy Plant of Stavanger, which is financed by the Triangulum project. Here, the visitors learned all about heat recovery based on sewage. Also, they visited the Sølvberget library and cultural center and the Stavanger Concert Hall (see pictures below). In addition, the Stavanger hosts gave insights on their new plans with Stavanger’s Canning and Print Museum and their ideas to renovate the theater of Stavanger.

All participants were very satisfied and decided to further support the exchange of knowledge between Lighthouse Cities of different projects.