Public Lecture on “Smart city and smart citizens - how to control the environmental burden?” at University of Tartu

14 Feb 2019

On February 1, this year's first public lecture in the SmartEnCity lecture series was held by PhD student Veronika Mooses and lecturer Age Poom at the University of Tartu, a key SmartEnCity project partner. The topics that were covered were changes in the society, sustainability, smart city and technology and the SmartEnCity project.

This was the opening lecture in the spring semester lecture series for the University of Senior Citizens program. The University of Senior Citizens is a study program for senior citizens which aims to introduce interesting topics, explore practical everyday matters and educate. The February 1 lecture on SmartEnCity and smart city topics was advertised to a wider audience and was also open to all interested people. There were about 350 participants, most of whom were senior citizens.

In the lecture, clicker remotes were used to get the audience’s feedback on some of the discussed topics. The clickers created some excitement and although they were relatively new digital devices for the elderly, most listeners could still use them well. Thanks to the clickers, the lecturers got feedback about different topics, for example what technological solutions the elderly have used, what are the main concerns in a digital society and what environmental problems do they perceive.