Data Model Architecture Implementation

02 Apr 2019

SmartEnCity focuses on the development of a highly adaptable and replicable systemic approach towards urban transformation into sustainable, smart and resource efficient urban environments in Europe, through the planning and implementation of measures aimed at improving energy efficiency in the main consuming sectors in cities and increasing the supply of renewable energy. This approach will be defined in detail, and subsequently laid out and implemented in the three Lighthouse demonstrators (Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain, Tartu in Estonia and Sonderborg in Denmark), to be further refined and replicated with the development of Integrated Urban Plans (IUPs) in all participant (both Lighthouse and Follower) Cities.

Within SmartEnCity Project, Workpackage 6 aims to devise a common ICT platform that will be the reference for the deployment of the “City Information Open Platform” (CIOP) in each one of the pilot lighthouse projects. The platform will provide a standardized data model to accommodate data from each pilot and will also define standardized services and modules for data consumers, especially relevant are those related to the monitoring of SmartEnCity KPIs, those requested by the EC in the call and those identified as ICT solutions for the project.

This public paper presents the results of the Task “Data Model Architecture Implementation” within Workpackage 6 of the SmartEnCity project. The main objective for this task is to design and implement the data models that will accommodate data coming from the different data sources and demonstrators. The task included the following activities:

  • Selection of data identifying the systems deployed in the demonstrators and considering the different stakeholders. The selection will be based on the ICT solution requirements and the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to be measured in the project. 
  • Analysis, selection and design of the data models for the platform considering Smart City projects data models.
  • Design and Deployment of the infrastructure to accommodate the data models.
  • Test and validation of the data models.

Two are the results presented in this task. The first result is a demonstrator available online (see section 0). The demonstrator or prototype is a platform where the data models necessary for SmartEnCity are implemented. The deployed platform agrees with the Reference Architecture described in Task  Platform Global ICT Architecture in public paper “CIOP architecture generic implementation”. The demonstrator offers the data models necessary to build the CIOP in the lighthouses. The demonstrator has been constructed using different technologies (SQL, HDFS …). The second result is this document. This document presents a description of the Reference Architecture (RA) data models proposed for the CIOP. The document includes a general description of the different data models that compose the architecture. The document also presents:

  • The approach or methodology followed to obtain both results (RA and prototype)
  • Access to the demonstrator users guide (online)

Read public paper in full length here.